Friday, 3 September 2010

Lake Garda!!

I have just come back from Lake Garda and it was wonderful! It is honestly one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen, so I thought I would share it with you! I went to Torri Del Benaco which is so gorgeous and amazing. I got invite to to C and I's wedding, C is RB's sister and I is her now husband! They got married in the Torri Del Benaco Castle in the Lemon Groves, it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to, I will do another blog soon with some of the wedding outfits. I am going to approach this systematically and look at the place, then food and then clothes!

Torri Del Benaco is just up the coast from Bardolino and Garda, it is sort of a small town/village which is on the lake. Our hotel looked out onto the lake and we had a beautiful view onto the lake from our balcony.
These are views of the lake from Torri Del Benaco, how gorgeous is this? We sat an ate our dinner looking at this view most evenings.
This is a day trip we went to Garda and Bardolino. We went to Garda and had a look around and some lunch, before walking along the coast to Bardolino. We did a spot of shopping and I got some Bardolino wine for souvenirs and a really pretty snake bike lock, which I thought was amazing.
We got the boat back from Bardolino to Garda and this is a view across the lake.
We also went to Verona for the day which was about an hour and a half bus ride away, I really wanted to go to Verona because I love Romeo & Juliet. This is a picture of the town from the main square.
We went to see Juliet's balcony and we wrote on the wall nearby as this is meant to bring you everlasting love. Ours is the small thick lined red heart towards the top.
This is a picture of Verona Coliseum, where they have operas on. It is pretty much complete and is absolutely beautiful, inside and out! It was amazing to go in and think about what used to take place there and how it would have been bustling like people.
This is another picture of the main square, all the canopy's you can see are little restaurants.
I found the food pretty good while we were in Italy, and this is one of the meals that we went out for. To start I had Caprese, which I like to make it England because it is so yummers! I had a gorgeous balsamic glaze on it.
Me and RB then had a few mains between us to share. Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, spaghetti with chili, garlic and olive oil and a pizza but it had raw ingredients on top, which we weren't used to, but we thought it was amazing.
Now onto clothes! It was pretty hot in the daytime, so I wore main shorts and vest! These are some new shorts from Howie's that I wore on a day when we were going swimming in the lake. I am wearing a nautical bikini underneath.
I have blogged this dress before, which is by Reko, but I thought it looked like a beautiful picture with the lake behind me.
This is on our day trip to Verona, also a very hot day so I wore a vest top and new shorts from American Apparel.
Finally, the best outfit of the trip! My outfit for C & I's wedding! This beautiful pink dress from Oasis, with metallic accessories!

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