Monday, 6 September 2010

Ethical Nail Polish

Despite being awful and untidy at it, I love to paint my nails. And for the past year or so, I have turned to only buying animal-friendly nail polish, replacing old ones along the way.

This is a few of my ethical nail varnish's from my collection. To the left is Marks & Spencer's Essentials range nail polish, it is really good and cheap (£2.50 a bottle). Also, all of Marks' cosmetics are BUAV approved. To the right is Barry M nail paint, they have a fantastic amount of colours, it goes on well and is hard wearing. This is Barry M on my fingers and toes, in gold and purple, very regal colours. I did them like this for my holiday in France.

This is Barry M on my toes. Absolutely loads of people I know have this exact nail polish! People are loving this turquoise/blue colour for summer to show of their piggies in their new sandals. I have pink Marks Essentials collection on my finger nails.
This is Marks & Spencer's red varnish, again Essentials range. They do a few ranges of nail polish, including: Per Una, Autograph and Perfection.

Final Note! Best places for animal-friendly nail polish:

Urban Decay
For advice on who is selling completely animal-friendly cosmetics look at the Go Cruelty Free website!

Anyone else got any animal-friendly nail polish that they can recommend?!


  1. Have you tried any eco friendly nail polish? I'd like to get some but it is extortionately expensive and I don't know how well it would work. In the meantime I love Barry M, such great colours! Also I will get back to you about Cardiff, just keep forgetting!

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  3. I have never tried any, no, I tend to focus on it being animal-friendly with cosmetics and I already find that some of those are very expensive for my budget!