Friday, 29 October 2010

Mango Tang, Derby

Mango Tang is a contemporary Caribbean restaurant which has been open for a little while in Derby. Whenever, I have been in my hometown I have meant to go here for dinner but haven't got round to it. However, I read a good review in the local newspaper, in which he took a vegetarian diner with him who confirmed there were good options for vegetarians, so I thought I must hurry up and go.

Derby is not renowned for good independent restaurants. There are a lot of chains about and only a few gems in the city centre. So when I went with RB last week, I mentioned I would like it to be good so we have somewhere nice to go for dinner when I'm in Derby.

So onto the food! For starters I had a Vegetable Dumplings (or it they could have been Patties, can't quite remember). You can tell this was good because by the time I had thought take take a picture I had eaten most of it. It had a beautiful filling and the two Patties came with a nicely dressed side salad. It also came with the brown chutney, which was really sweet and I personally preferred the mango chutney (above it).

Onto the main course. I had the Vegetable Run Down, a mixed vegetable curry in a pleasant sauce and garnished with fried plantain. It was served with Rice & Peas. We also shared a serving of Fried Breadfruit, I still don't know what Breadfruit is but it was really very yummy and it was great to try something new.
It was really delicious and I am very excited to go back again. If you do ever end up in Derby for some reason, although I don't quite know why unless you are going to Derbyshire for the walking or something, then this is definitely a great place to eat!

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