Wednesday, 6 April 2011


 As people say, it's the most important meal of the day! Yet so many people skip it or eat on the run. I know this is probably because of how busy people's lives are and their rush to get to work; and I myself can be a culprit of occasionally missed breakfast, but more often having a coffee and cake on the run or the tiniest bowl of cereal. If it is so important though, why are we neglecting it so much? Why can't we just get up just 20-30 minutes earlier so that we can enjoy a good breakfast that will set us up for the day?

Porridge: I love Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recipe. It always makes the porridge so creamy. I usually serve it with extra milk and jam.

I'm making a pledge, and I hope others will too! I want to make an effort to stay healthy and feed myself properly, and therefore I want to always partake in a good breakfast that will set me up for the day! I know I will feel better if I do this and that my energy levels will be so much greater to do everything I want to with the day.

Muesli: You can make it with all most anything you like and although it is not my most favourite breakfast, I do value how healthy and balanced it is. I find it quite dry so I usually soak it over night with grated apple and orange juice, then have it in the morning with yoghurt and honey.

I love when breakfast can be sociable. On a Tuesday morning I usually enjoy breakfast at the University canteen (which isn't great) but it is great to sit, eat and chat with people on my course. I also love it when RB and I have lazy mornings, getting up late and having a substantial brunch! I do make more of an effort when he is around often having pancakes.

Pancakes: Making your own is great, but I am lazy and mainly buy ready made ones. They make a quick easy breakfast but also a very pretty breakfast with fruit and syrup (and the optional fake bacon, for an American feel) to serve to others. I think pancakes feel nice for breakfast, because they feel a bit special.

I have no issue with making a cooked breakfast, if I get up late I often have beans on toast (or next to in my case, who wants soggy toast?) and I will occasionally make a vegetarian alternative of a British fry up or full breakfast when RB is around, but it is too much effort for breakfast for one. I think a fry up (which I prefer to grill myself) is also a great dinner every so often. I do like to go out for breakfast and if I do go out, I will usually have a vegetarian cooked breakfast.

This is a Vegetarian English Breakfast made by RB and I. I love mushrooms, so always want plenty on a cooked breakfast and I don't mind fake meat, but I don't think it is needed to make a great cooked breakfast. I eat eggs, so I usually have them, but if you don't eat eggs then scrambled tofu is also great.

I hope you like my breakfast suggestions and that they have inspired to set more time aside in the morning to look after yourself and have a good breakfast. Please tell me what is your favourite breakfast and breakfast situation?


  1. I always try to carry a granola bar with me in case I forget to eat breakfast...mornings go by so fast that its easy to forget

  2. It really is important! I used to skip breakfast everyday when I was in highschool. What a fool. :) I feel when I have a healthy breakfast, it makes me want to eat healthy all day long. Whereas if I have a donut.. I just eat shitty because it just feels like an off day. Those pictures look delicious! Especially the pancakes <3

  3. I'm crazy about breakfast, I actually cannot live without it. At the moment it's two slices of fruit loaf slathered in peant butter and cinnmon, plus some yummy vanilla yoghurt. MMMMMMM.


  4. Oh yum! I love all these options - but pancakes are the best!

  5. haha, love the pancake, it looks delicious. :)

    dejoiss ♥

  6. before i start the day i always make sure i grabbed something to eat. ;)

  7. Breakfast is so amazing :) made vanilla eggy bread (aka french toast) with syrup and fruit the other day, it was delicious. My sister really loved it too despite never having had french toast before, although she had no idea what was so french about it and thinks the english version of eggy bread is far more appropriate lol x