Sunday, 11 March 2012

Provamel Almond & Oat Milk

The good people over at Provamel sent me over some of their new Almond Milk and Oat Milk to try a few weeks ago, unfortunately I've only just got around to trying it!

The technical bit... Provamel Almond and Oat milks are 100% Organic and dairy free! Provamel have an existing rang of soya and rice products, however these two milks are also completely soya free. The Oat milk is packed with fibre and protein, while the Almond milk is rich in Vitamin E. It's available from Holland & Barrett and Health Food Stores at £2.99 for a litre of Almond milk and £1.59 for a litre of Oat milk.

What I did with them...

Breakfast Smoothie made with Oat Milk, Banana and Peanut Butter!

Porridge made with Oat Milk and Banana

Almond Milk Coffee

My Opinion... I really enjoyed getting to try new products, particularly as I've only really used soya and rice milks in the past. The almond milk was sweet with a rich almond flavour and the oat milk had a pleasant mild taste which I preferred. I would definitely recommend these products and would use them again, as although I am not vegan I would like to relinquish my dependence on dairy products.


  1. I love almonds so I think I will give that a try x

  2. I didn't even know oat milk existed. This I have to try!

  3. I've been meaning to try almond milk. It seems like it would be a good source of extra protein, suited for my breakfast cereal. I can't stand soy milk. Thanks for the tip about oat milk. I also didn't know it existed!

  4. I do like almond milk and have only ever tried it homemade, may give this a go. Tried oat milk once upon a time, didn't quite agree with me, so I will give that a miss.

  5. Alpro have just launched an Almond and a hazlenut milk, which are available in (my local anyway) Sainsbury's, for about £1.50 - it's a lot compared to unbranded soya, but cheaper than these retail at. Only tried the Hazlenut one so far but it is delicious! Would definitely recommend x