Friday, 9 March 2012

Frugal Friday Night Takeaway

I am a big fan of Frugal Friday posts (which this month is being hosted over at Tales of Pigling Bland) about enjoying great food, while saving money. I thought I would have a go at one myself, with a Friday theme and a few extra frugal tips!

After a long week at work there is nothing I love more than having a takeaway, a couple of drinks and vegetating with a film or in front of the TV. I like to spend at least one of the weekend evenings this way, really relaxing, whether it be alone or with friends. However, this can be an expensive affair if you buy a takeaway, a bottle of wine and rent a film, but I do what I can to make this a budget evening!

TIP #1: Buying a takeaway? Make sure you have a money saving voucher!

Money off vouchers are great if you are getting takeaway to keep the cost down.. My favourite places for discounts are Student Beans and Money Saving Expert, who have a wide range of offers, vouchers and money saving tips. But there any many other voucher websites, including Voucher Cloud and My Voucher Codes. My favourite deals are 'buy one get one free' on pizza when you are having friends over or I love getting anything for free, such as a free voucher for a portion of chips.

My burger made with Quorn fishless fingers (which were on offer at the supermarket!), cheese
and tartar sauce; accompanied with sweet potato chips.

TIP #2: Alternatively, make your own takeaway! Much cheaper and healthier!

By far the healthiest and cheapest option for takeaway type food is to make your own. It obviously doesn't have the same ease as getting a takeaway as you have to cook, but it's more about having something different from your usual weekday cooking. My favourite homemade takeout ideas are Veggie Burger/Hot Dogs with Sweet Potato Wedges (seen above), Veggie Noodles and homemade Indian food.

Previous posted recipe ideas: Green Bean & Pea Curry; Quorn Kebabs; Thai Green Curry and Cauliflower, Potato & Chickpea Curry!

TIP #3: The Entertainment- keeping it cheap!

I find renting a film to be quite expensive per film, based my experience of Blockbuster in the UK. However, I love to watch movies, without the expense of buy a new one time, so I have a LoveFilm subscription which I pay £10 a month for and includes an unlimited amount of rentals, I am allowed two discs at home at any one time and I can also watch films and TV series on my laptop. Also, if you have a TV which you already pay for then that's also low cost entertainment, I don't tend to watch much TV through the week so I save up my favourite programmes to watch on catch-up for a night in.

My LoveFilm Subscription! On this occasion I got
'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and 'The Breakfast Club'

Tip #4: Like a Tipple? Look for a good price, promotions and offers!

I am fairly fortunate that my Gran lives in France so will bring me over beautiful wine which is so reasonably priced, much cheaper that the UK. As I'm not a big drinker this, along with the bottle of fruit schnapps my Mum gets me whenever she goes on holiday, tends to last me a long time. I do keep an eye out for offers too for special occasion's or to stock up or look at cheaper supermarkets, Aldi I enjoy Budweiser and it's always good for parties and BBQ's, so if there's an offer on I like to get some as it will never be wasted.


  1. Sweet potato chips look awesome! xx

  2. I am going to try those sweet potato chips later x

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