Sunday, 12 August 2012

Personal Cards

There is something very personal about a card which relates to you, whether it be that it has been thoughtfully picked out with you in mind or has been made for you by the person giving it to you. This is why for a number of years now I have enjoyed making my own cards for others, I previously blogged about some Christmas Cards I made when I first starting doing this. I enjoy giving these cards as it is clear people are warmed by the fact it is homemade and impressed that you would put in the effort for them, even if they aren't particularly good sometimes! I feel a similar way about gifting, not getting excessive things but things that are wanted and personal, but I will talk about that in a different post! Making your own cards is also a thrifty option with cards in a shop costing you at least a £1 for a very basic one but more like £3 for one that is right whereas a pack of 10 plain cards with envelopes to work on is more like £1!

Here are a few cards that I have recently made for my friends and family:

For my friend H's Birthday and her H party!

For my Mum's Birthday

A postcard for my friend W (think I need a bit of drawing practice!!)

For my friend JP's Birthday

Last Minute Fathers Day Card


  1. Great work Zoe! I too think personal is so much better. And isn't the plastic film wrap which all shop bought cards covered in sooo annoying?! Not to mention the price. Keep up the good work :O)

  2. Lovely cards, I would be happy to receive any of these - they are all so thoughtful (: