Monday, 7 January 2013

Favourite Veggie Places: San Francisco

I have had so much fun travelling. I have now been in Australia for two and a half months after spending a month in the US! I am finally getting around to doing some posts... FINALLY!! So despite this being a long time a go I am now posting about San Francisco where I had some fab veggie food experiences. Sorry about the photos again, got to invest in a better travel camera!

Taqueria Cancun

Located in San Francisco's colourful Mission district Taqueria Cancun, is not a vegetarian restaurant, but they do an amazing Vegetarian Burrito! Not only is it delicious, but the portions are huge and this little lot below cost less than $10 (USD). Yes! $10 for a burrito, nachos with salsa & guacamole and a coke. I felt so stuffed after, I recommend cutting the burrito in half and saving some for later. Not only a thumbs up for the food but also fantastic for backpackers on a budget!

Loving Hut

Featuring 3 restaurants in San Francisco alone- Loving Hut is a real favourite to vego's around the world. This was my first try though and I really loved it. I went for a lunch offer where I got two dishes, a fantastic mushroom dish which I couldn't resist with mushrooms being my fave food and a delicious spicy green bean and soy meat dish, served with yummy veggie rice! I really enjoyed this and there will be another visit when I come across Loving Hut again.


  1. Oh I am so envious of you and yet so happy that you are getting to travel and enjoy it moreson, as well as try good veggie food. Happy New Year to you Zoe x

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