Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Cake Hole, Derby

A friend of mine gave me the heads up on Facebook that a new vegan cafe had opened in  Derby. So as I am home in Derby for the summer, I thought I should go to try it out.
So after one of my weekly swimming sessions with my sister, we decided we'd pay a visit to The Cake Hole which is based on the balcony level of The Market Hall in Derby.

As we entered The Cake Hole we were welcomed by a friendly face and browsed the menu. My sister was a bit cautious, not being vegan and favouring ham sandwiches for her lunch, opted for a brownie. She let me try a bit; it was gooey and satisfying.

We shared a pot of tea off the extensive tea menu, deciding to go for the a regular breakfast tea, which came with an option of soy or rice milk. We both loved the way it was presented, I would take a chintzy tea service any day over a matchy modern characterless one.

I was feeling peckish. There was a falafel wrap on offer and a 'make your own meze platter'. I opted for the latter and chose olives, falafel, tortilla and vegan ham. It worked together very well. The falafel were full of flavour and the olives were so juicy and fresh.

I really liked the decor of The Cake Hole, it has a unique and warm charm to it. There are also books dotted around and I enjoyed looking through the Post Secrets one. Not only is the food good and the atmosphere pleasant, but it is also very reasonable priced. I will definitely be visiting again before the end of the summer and whenever I return to see my family.

The only thing that is disappointing; and this is not to do with The Cake Hole, is The Market Hall. I wish more people would open shops and cafes here as it could be so amazing! It is a very beautiful Victorian Market Hall which could be a real gem of Derby.


  1. I love mismatch tea sets too. if I am up and running a veggie eatery again, that is the way I will be doing it. We have an indoor market in Casnewydd too, its a place I have considered having a veg eatery, but no-one ever goes up stairs - why, because there are no other shops up there, so you can understand why I did not go for it. Its a nice place, a bit like your market. People say it to do with the economy, I think its because all these mall type places have been set up, its taken away a lot of foot traffic as people drive to these out of town outlets. Really sad. If I am in Derby, I will try and visit here and The Cake Hole, hope it thrives.

  2. Aww sounds like such a cute place! I love teapots and proper cups and saucers :D Those olives do look very juicy! x


  3. Mismatched tea sets are so sweet, they add such a homey touch to a place! This looks like a lovely spot, I'll have to stop by if I'm ever in Derby :)

  4. I love trying out vegan/veggie restaurants and cafes! I try to whenever I travel, because here in Lyon, France, it is very unlikely to come upon anything of the sort...
    Just followed you via GFC, bloglovin', and twitter!