Monday, 14 October 2013

Yu! Healthy Snacks

As some of you who follow me may know, I went back to university very recently to do a masters degree and I have been a very busy lady- it's been quite a big step up from undergraduate level!
When the kind people at Yu! offered me some samples of their healthy fruit snack range to try, I was always on the go. These could not have arrived at a better time!

Running from one class to another, as well as trying to fit in as much library time as possible to crack on with my heavy workload- my Yu! snacks were always easy to throw into my bag and so I could enjoy a healthy energy boost when I needed one.
Yu! Healthy Snacks are made from real fruit and are Vegetarian Society approved. They have four different products in their range: Granola, Fruit Chews, Fruit Bars and Fruit in a Yoghurt Coating. All of which are delicious but my favourites were the fruit pieces in yoghurt as they really felt like a treat and helped satisfy the mid-afternoon sugar craving.

Top new kid at university tip! Carrying snacks with me all the time seemed to be conducive with making friends over the first week, who also really enjoyed them.

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