Sunday, 22 May 2011

An evening in Leeds

Yesterday afternoon/evening, my friend, L and I went to Leeds for shopping, Wagamama and to see John Ford's play 'Tis a Pity She's a Whore. It was such a wonderful evening and the play, which I hadn't read or seen before, was amazing! Very dramatic and tragic.

L took some snaps of me in Millennium Square when we went for a drink, today's outfit is particularly ethical and it got me thinking that I am going to make sure that all my outfits have at least one ethical piece I can talk about in these posts and avoid outfits that are all high street, which I bought before this year.

My shoes and sunglasses are both purchases I made on the high street before 2011. My shirt is from Howies, they have a shop in London and they sell wonderful clothes made out of organic cotton. My skirt is one my favourite things to wear! It's from American Apparel. I love how swishy it is and how elegant in makes me feel. My belt is a simple one from Bourgeois Boheme, who do great vegan shoes and accessories. My tapestry bag is also one of my most treasured items, it's vintage.

As you may be able to very subtly see, in this windy photo above, I am wearing eyeshadow- very strange for me in the daytime when I usually just wear mascara and usually save eyeshadow and glitter pots for the evening. I got this eye palette from Marks & Spencer, it is BUAV approved and therefore cruelty free, for only £6. I am fairly impressed with it and the colours are so bright and beautiful for summer.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! And it's great that you're buying ethical pieces, I started that last year as well and it really does feel like I'm making a difference.

  2. I have bought ethical pieces for a little while but I've really commit myself to it this year. It's a challenge, which I enjoy but as you say very satisfying and rewarding!x

  3. Fab day out in Leeds! It's my home town in fact and I love going for days out there.

  4. Thanks for your comment! In reply, I live about 25 miles north of York, so it's my closest city really! We're in the middle of nowhere =D I think York is such a lovely city though, great place to go to uni!
    And I love your outfit here, that maxi skirt is just stunning =D

  5. adorable skirt!